6 Tips to Avoiding a Clogged Toilet

6 Tips to Avoiding a Clogged Toilet

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As a homeowner, chances are good that you have already experienced the displeasure of a clogged or overflowing toilet. In addition to the mess, a toilet that clogs or overflows frequently can cause lasting damage to floor coverings, sub-floors, plumbing infrastructure and even the ceiling below, when the toilet is located in an upper-level bathroom. In addition, any moisture that remains after the clean up can result in unhealthy mildew and mold growth long after the mess has been cleaned up.

1. Teach Family Members What Objects & Materials Should Never Be Flushed

Many clogged toilets are caused each year due to improper use. In most of these cases, family members, both children and adults, attempt to flush materials down the toilet that should not be introduced into any type of sewage disposal system. These materials include common household items, such as: 

  • paper products – including cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls and swabs, cigarette butts, paper toweling, facial tissues, diaper liners and even excessive amounts of toilet tissue
  • miscellaneous household waste products – including kitty litter, human or pet hair, grease, oils, dental floss, ashes, potting soil and dust and dirt from vacuums or dust pans
  • other objects or materials – including children’s toys, small articles of clothing like socks, medications, pet food, potting soil, sand, gravel or other miscellaneous materials or objects

2. Provide Alternate Disposal to Encourage Proper Toilet Usage

A great way to prevent inappropriate objects and materials from being placed into the toilet is to provide an alternate disposal option for family members and guests who use your bathroom. To do this, place a small trash can near each toilet in the home. Doing this is a economical, effective way of preventing future clogged toilet issues because something was flushed that should not have been flushed. 

3. Keep Surfaces Clear of Small Items That Could Easily Fall Into the Toilet

Many clogged toilets also result from accidents where an object is knocked into the toilet accidentally. This often happens when nearby counters or over-the-toilet shelving is filled with small objects, such as jars, bottles, sponges and cosmetics. When these objects land in the toilet and are flushed accidentally, a clog situation is the likely result. Keeping these areas clear of small items will lessen the chances of this happening.

4. Flush Twice, When Necessary

If the toilet has a large amount of waste or toilet paper in it, flushing twice may be necessary to completely empty the bowl. But a toilet that always needs to be flushed multiple times probably already suffers from some type of clog or plumbing problem.

If a toilet in your home is having to be flushed multiple times, the extra water usage is placing an additional burden on both your plumbing system and the family water bill. When this problem occurs homeowners may want to prevent excessive water bills and further damage to their plumbing by having the problem diagnosed and repaired by a professional. 

5. Learn to Plunge & Do So, As Needed

Another cause of clogged toilets and the damage that results is ignoring or postponing obvious signs that the toilet is malfunctioning. Even when the toilet does empty by flushing it multiple times, flushing over and over is not healthy for the plumbing system and can cause more serious plumbing problems over time.

Homeowners who experience slow flushing action may be able to relieve the problem by using a plunger to help free the clog and push it through the pipes. To do this effectively, follow these steps: 

  • insert the plunger into the toilet bowl, tipping it to allow any trapped air in the bell of the plunger to escape
  • position the plunger over the drainage hole and plunge vigorously to move the water both directions in the drain to loosen and free the clog
  • be patient and repeat the process until the clog is freed and the toilet bowl empties
  • if plunging does not give results and the clog remains firmly in place, calling a professional to clear the clog may be necessary

6. Know When You Need Professional Help

Plumbing problems that go unsolved are one of the most common reasons for water damage and mold issues in homes today. If you are homeowner with toilets that flush slowly, threaten to overflow or require the frequent use of a plunger, calling a professional to fix the problem quickly will help you avoid the costly, inconvenient home repair bills later. 

America’s Plumbing Co. is ready to help you today! 

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6 Reasons to Order a Toilet Replacement

6 Reasons to Order a Toilet Replacement

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toilet replacement in Sacramento by America's Plumbing

Toilets are one of the sturdier plumbing fixtures you can own, averaging a lifespan of fifty years. However, that doesn’t mean problems can arrive before then that’ll have you looking for a replacement. There are some issues your toilet may experience that don’t seem severe. However, knowing about these issues is important so you can get a toilet replacement before they cause major problems. Being able to tell when you need a new toilet can save you a headache and a lot of money in the long run.

Here are six reasons you might have to order a toilet replacement:


Old age

As we mentioned, well-kept toilets can reach the ripe old age of fifty. However, if yours is about thirty years old, you might want to retire it early. In the 1990s, the U.S. government, in response to concerns over water usage, mandated that all toilets use a new ‘low flow’ technology. This technology means that newer toilets use about half as much water as older ones. If you’re environmentally conscious, you should switch to a newer toilet, which will also save you money on water bills.


Frequent repairs

All appliances, toilets included, usually get more repairs when they’re older. As they age, toilets become more unreliable and need more repairs, and those repairs can wind up costing more than a new toilet. If you have an older model, ask us about the possibility of a replacement next time we come over to fix it.


Hard water build-ups

The minerals in hard water can often be a threat to your toilet and other plumbing. Dissolved calcium and magnesium can build up in your toilet’s inlet holes and the siphon tube, preventing water from flowing effectively. Depending on the severity of the blockage, you might be able to chip away at it, but you might simply have to buy a new toilet. If hard water is a problem in your home, consider picking up a water softener.



A wobbly toilet is caused by two things, one of which is a serious problem. If you’re lucky, the toilet simply has screws that can easily be tightened. However, you may be dealing with damaged or rotting flooring. Either way, getting a plumber’s help is your best course of action.


Scratches in the porcelain

As older toilets get scrubbing, the porcelain tends to get covered in scratches. Having these scratches on your toilet does more than making it look unattractive. These scratches make the toilet’s surface rough and uneven, making it harder to clean. Getting a new toilet may be the best idea if you’re cleaning yours too much.


Water inefficiency

If you own an older toilet, buying a new one can be a great way to save on your water bills. Before the proliferation of low flow toilets, toilets generally used three to five gallons per flush. Today, toilets generally use around two gallons. Replacing your old toilet with a newer, more efficient one, can save you money in the long run.


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