5 Tips for Your Garbage Disposal Maintenance

5 Tips for Your Garbage Disposal Maintenance

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garbage disposal maintenance in Sacramento by America's Plumbing

A garbage disposal can be a great cleaning that keeps your home smelling fresh and reduces the amount of trash your home produces. However, like any other appliance in your home, you need to keep your garbage disposal well-maintained. If it isn’t it can clog up your sink and eventually make your kitchen stink. If you want to know the best ways to give your garbage disposal maintenance, we can give you some tips.

Here are five tips to make your garbage disposal maintenance more effective:


Clean the inside of your garbage disposal

The insides of your garbage disposal can get messy, but it’s fairly easy to clean them out. A simple mix of baking soda and vinegar down the drain can do some good cleaning work.You can also try putting dish soap down the drain and running the cold water for about a minute. Make sure the garbage disposal is running while the cold water runs down the drain.


 Biodegradable food only

The garbage disposal is only meant for biodegradable food. Trying to put paper plates and plastic bags in there will likely damage or clog it. Be warned that certain foods can also hurt your garbage disposal. Some of the ones you should avoid include:

  • Fruit pits
  • Bones and other solid trash
  • Celery and other fibrous foods
  • Coffee grounds and other foods that make lots of sediment
  • Pasta and rice
  • Excess grease and oils
  • Potato peels and other starchy foods


Keep your hand out of there

You should keep your hands away from the garbage disposal’s blades, even when they aren’t spinning. Even if you need to dislodge something that’s blocking the blades, you shouldn’t do it. When you dislodge it, the sudden release of tension may cause the blades to spin and cut you. You can use tongs or something similar to clear out the blockage. If you can’t get it out, we’re always available to help with your plumbing problems.


Chop up larger garbage beforehand

Garbage disposals have sharp blades, but they can have trouble with larger trash. Chop up larger waste yourself before you dispose of it. Also, put larger bits of garbage in the disposal one at a time. Doing this can help your garbage disposal avoid clogging.


Use it often with cold water

Appliances tend to get worn down if they aren’t used often. By using your garbage disposal often, you can clear out potential obstructions, prevent rusting, and make sure everything works. Also, make sure you run cold water when you use it. Cold water can help solidify any grease and oils that could be a clogging threat.


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Benefits of Garbage Disposal Installation

Benefits of Garbage Disposal Installation

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Drain cleaning by America's Plumbing

Have you had clogged kitchen drains in the last couple of years? Does your garbage smell like old food waste? The solution to both of these problems, as well as many others, is getting a garbage disposal installed in your home. If you’ve been debating about getting a garbage disposal, let the plumbers at America’s Plumbing Co. show you the benefits of this small but mighty appliance. 

Four Benefits of Garbage Disposals 

  • Keep your drains clear. The biggest advantage of having a garbage disposal is its ability to prevent drain clogs. When large food scraps enter the drain, they can bind together and block pipes. When you have a garbage disposal, the blades breakdown this food waste into small pieces that easily pass through.
  • Reduce bad odors in your kitchen. If your garbage cans have been emitting foul odors and causing your kitchen to smell, then garbage disposal installation is your savior. Instead of food waste sitting in the garbage for days, decomposing and rotting, it will be immediately transported out of your kitchen. So long to bad smelling trash cans!
  • An environmentally friendly choice. When you eliminate food waste by the garbage disposal, you are also reducing the carbon footprint of your home. Instead of food waste sitting in a landfill, it will be sent through the sewage system and filtered quickly. Garbage disposals also reduce the amount of waste that needs to be transported by truck to landfills. This further reduces the emissions needed to process the waste. 
  • Cleanup is a breeze. Gone will be the days of scraping food scraps into the garbage and meticulously preventing any food particles from entering your drain. Small food scraps that you’d normally spend extra time cleaning off can now be sent into the disposal and broken down. There are some foods to avoid such as grease, eggshells, banana peels, and animal bones, but most other waste can be processed by the disposal. 

Call America’s Plumbing Co Today For Service

A garbage disposal is an affordable appliance that can make your life easier in your Sacramento home. They are installed by a professional plumber and are reliable kitchen appliance when treated properly. Let America’s Plumbing Co help you enjoy the benefits of a new garbage disposal by scheduling an appointment with us today!

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Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

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garbage disposal repair by America's Plumbing Co in Sacramento, CA

Is Your Garbage Disposal Struggling?

Accidents happen, no matter how well you’ve maintained things, you may still need garbage disposal repair. Knowing when it’s time to call in a plumber however, can be tricky. Your plumbing can be complicated, but the good news is that there are plenty of clues if the problem is with your garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal is damaged, it’s best to act quickly. Here are a few warning signs to watch out for.

The Warning Signs of a Damaged Garbage Disposal

  • It’s tripping your circuit breaker. Garbage disposals use a lot of wattage which means when in use, you may experience some flickering lights or a slight power surge. If however, your garbage disposal starts to trip the circuit breaker, there could be a wiring issue with either the disposal or your home’s electrical panel.
  • It makes loud, unusual noises. If something is wrong, you’ll definitely hear it, as the sound of metal on metal is very unpleasant. Loud, unusual noises are usually an indicator of a loose part or damaged part, and require urgent repair. 
  • It’s leaking. Unfortunately, a leaking garbage disposal can mean the entire unit needs to be replaced, especially if there is a crack in the disposal itself. Watch out for signs of a leak, such as any dark or wet spots on the floor and cabinets.
  • It’s not working, period. The most obvious sign of a damaged garbage disposal is when it stops working entirely. The good news is that most garbage disposal issues are easy fixes which rarely require an entire replacement.

America’s Plumbing Co Can Help!

In most of these cases, including jams and clogs, it’s easy for us to simply remove the source of the jam or clog and restore your garbage disposal to working order. However, it’s always possible that your garbage disposal is out of commission for good. We can figure this out from the inspection we’ll perform when working on your garbage disposals. If that’s the case, we can help your replace it. When we’re installing garbage disposals, we use the utmost care and are certain to install it correctly.

Give us a call, we’re ready to help you today! 


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