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No Hot Water In Your Shower? Find Out Why

No Hot Water In Your Shower? Find Out Why

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When you step into your shower, what do you expect? For us, we want it to be the temperature we set it to. Hot. However, getting into a cold shower, especially on cool winter mornings, can be an abrupt way to start your day. If you have no hot water in your shower, here are some reasons why.

Hot Water Heater Issues

No Power

Your “no hot water in shower” issue may be as simple as a lack of power to your water heater. Make sure you check your circuit breaker to determine if your water heater is getting power. If it is, try resetting your water heater. It may have shut off to reduce the internal water temperature if the water temperature got too high.

Not Enough Hot Water

If your water heater is too small for your home’s needs, your hot water could have been used up before you made it to the shower. Appliances such as your dishwasher or washing machine use significant amounts of water to operate and could have easily robbed your enjoyable shower experience. Or, if you have other members in your home, their hot shower could have contributed to your lack of hot water.

Water Heater Leaks

A more obvious reason that you have no hot water in your shower may be due to leaks. Identifying and repairing leaks quickly is critical so you don’t cause additional damage to your home.

Pilot Light Out

The pilot light is the catalyst for heating up your water heater. If this flame goes out, it’s usually from a change in gas pressure. You should be able to relight the pilot yourself, but if you want an expert opinion, don’t hesitate to call America’s Plumbing Company.

Blocked or Broken Hot Water Valve

Old seals or parts within your shower’s water supply can break off from old age. These broken pieces can cause blockages within the hot water line or even block the valve to turn on the hot water. If the valve itself is broken, it will need to be replaced before you will have hot water in your shower again. 

Anti-Scald Unit Settings

If your shower is the only fixture that isn’t receiving hot water, your shower’s internal anti-scald unit may be set too low. The anti-scald unit prevents the temperature in your shower from getting too hot to prevent, well, scalding. If it’s set too low, your shower won’t be able to reach the operating temperature. This is something America’s Plumbing Company can easily check for you.

If you are experiencing a hot water issue and would like it resolved quickly and effectively, call America’s Plumbing Company! Be sure to check out our amazing reviews!

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