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Don’t Let Your Money Go Down the Drain: Easy Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill

Don’t Let Your Money Go Down the Drain: Easy Ways To Reduce Your Water Bill

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No one likes paying bills. It’s one of those things all of us have in common. There’s nothing you can do about it, you still have to pay them. That isn’t to say that there’s nothing you can do to decrease how much you pay month-to-month. And in today’s economy, savings are on everyone’s mind. We’ve whipped up a few easy ways to reduce your water bill at the end of the month.  

Energy-Efficient Water Heaters

The best way to ensure a lower water bill is to get yourself set up with a top-of-the-line energy efficient water heater. The wrong water heater can actually cost you more money at the end of the month. The right tool for the right job.

At Payless, we always recommend our customers opt for solutions that cost less and last longer, and a reduced water bill is one of the benefits of these products. Fuel matters, and heaters that run on oil or electricity will be more expensive, making solar a viable option for those looking to save money. According to the US Department of Energy, solar-powered water heaters can reduce water and energy costs by at least 50%. 

Kick Water-Wasting Habits 

This one’s fairly obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget the obvious. Sometimes we waste water without even realizing it; it happens. Overwatering your houseplants, overfilling a bathtub, taking longer than necessary showers, and leaving the faucet running are all some of the most common ways that the average person unwittingly boosts their own energy and water bills. Don’t be your own worst enemy; keep aware of your water usage. 

Patch the Leaks

Have you ever heard a subtle tapping noise coming from the bathroom? Nine out of ten times, that’s a sure sign of a leaky faucet. According to research, leaky faucets can drop as much as 4,000 drops a day, totaling to around one full gallon of wasted water. You don’t need to be a plumber to know that’s less than ideal. 

As faucets and toilets get older and equipment breaks down, leaks are to be expected. Regular inspections and maintenance are very important to the health of your system and your bills. Keep the pros on speed dial to ensure you’re never flushing money away.

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